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  • Coach-Therapist and Desire Map Facilitator for Women and Mothers aspiring to regain confidence and bring their desires to life.

    I believe that when a woman takes charge of her own wellbeing and self-development, she becomes a veritable force of nature.

    "You are not a problem to be fixed. I invite you to stop problem-solving your pain and instead learn to love, respect and honour your true nature."
    — Nancy Florence

    You are biologically designed for the expression and expansion of your true self. I have seen beautiful results from my approach to therapy. My work with women is based on self-compassion, regaining self-esteem and confidence. I am also specialised in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.

    Over the years, I have helped people make life-transforming changes:

    •  some were able to go back on public transport (including airplanes!)
    •  others broke free from abusive relationships
    •  some were able to love themselves again after the trauma of childhood sexual abuse
    •  others came to terms with painful losses, including deaths, suicides and abortions
    •  Most importantly, they were able to improve their relationships with themselves and with family and friends. By developing self-compassion, they became able to love more and set clear boundaries with people.

    My approach is warm, relational and highly practical. I trained as an Integrative Counsellor and infused my therapy practice with Coaching techniques over the years. A client once said to me that: "Working with me is Pure Gold". It will be my privilege to work with you and facilitate your self-expression and expansion.

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    Nancy Florence

    Please feel free to contact her in confidence with an enquiry or to make an appointment

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