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    Petra Hassall has been working in the field of psychotherapy for over fifteen years.

    During her career she has encountered a broad range of emotional and psychological problems and now specialises in clients coping with relationship breakdowns.

    Petra's work is grounded in a training that combines both the fundamentals of psychodynamic psychotherapy with the broader use of dreams, imagination and creative play.

    To gain an initial understanding of the client's situation a review of significant past relationships is a useful starting point for therapy, but over time the more spontaneous possibilities of creative imagination and dream work are included in the sessions.

    Creative play helps loosen entrenched and often negative thought patterns and can offer a fresh and sometimes surprising perspective on who we believe we are. When used in tandem with a thorough analysis of childhood relationships and their impact on partnership choices, the client's current emotional landscape can become much clearer.

    The other main focus for Petra's work is to carefully monitor how she and the client are responding to each other on an individual basis. Occasionally a client can develop strongly positive and/or negative feelings for the therapist, in a way which is very familiar to the client. When this happens the opportunity for insight is strong, as both parties can witness the development of a particular relationship pattern whilst it's actually unfolding. This enables them to work with how it can be changed.

    The boundaried and professional environment which psychotherapy offers, allows the client to encounter and reflect upon powerful feelings in an atmosphere which is both containing and safe.

    Relationship breakdowns often powerfully highlight how an individual perceives both themselves and their closest relationships. In seeking to make sense of what's happened, the opportunity exists for exploration and change.

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    Petra Hassall Integrative Psychotherapist

    UKCP - registered

    Petra trained at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy on a five year integrative course. Whilst the training incorporated a number of different ideas and approaches, an emphasis was placed on accessing the unconscious mind through the use of creative imagination and dream analysis.

    Petra has worked in both the private and charitable sectors, most notably the South London based charity Kids Company. She is now in private practice.

    Contact details

    For appointments call 07910 823668 or email petra.hassall@96harleypsychotherapy.co.uk

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