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    Vaiva Jakimaviciene is a fully qualified and nationally accredited clinical hypnotherapist specialising in weight management and having a lifelong interest in eating issues and nutrition.

    By using a mixture of hypnosis, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral and thought re-patterning techniques (NLP) Vaiva is to enable you to have a resolution to your issue in the shortest time possible based on your personal unique circumstances.

    Vaiva holds a BSc (Hons) degree and she earned her practitioner diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and a diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Endorsed by 'The Professional Guild of NLP') after attending a face to face training course approved by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre for the purposes of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

    Vaiva is a certified hypnotherapy smoking cessation and weight loss specialist and has full professional liability insurance and a current CRB check. Vaiva is a licensed Hypno-Band practitioner.

    Vaiva continually expands her knowledge and skills required for safe and effective practice, and has a great success rate with helping her clients.

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    doctor profile

    Vaiva Jakimaviciene
    Clinical Hypnotherapist

    B.Sc (Hons) DipHyp NLP(prac) GQHP GHReg MHS CRSST-reg CHNC-reg (MSH)

    Difficulties Vaiva Can Help You With:

    - Weight Management & Various Eating Issues - Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Sugar/Chocolate Addiction, Fussy Eating
    - Habits & Addictions - Quit Smoking, Vaping, Binge Drinking, Cannabis/Cocaine Abuse, Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Excessive Shopping, Internet Addiction
    - Stress & Anxiety - Public Speaking, Stage Performance, Social Anxiety, Blushing
    - Fears & Phobias - Fear of Dentists, Emetophobia, Fear of Needles, Fear of Blood, Fear of Dogs, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of Elevators, Fear of Spiders, Fear of Driving, Social Phobia, Fear of Exams
    - Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disturbance
    - Confidence Building - Fear of Failure, Personal Development, Motivation & Positive Thinking, Increase Sense of Wellbeing
    - Support and Relief Alongside Your Regular Treatments for Pain, IBS and Other Medical Conditions
    - Fitness Motivation & Sports Performance

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