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  • Addiction counselling at 96 Harley Psychotherapy

    Addiction is a term that describes the experience of craving followed by an uncontrollable (and ultimately) self-destructive behaviour. The behaviour might be reaching for an alcoholic drink (alcohol addiction) or repeatedly texting an unresponsive ex-lover (love addiction), but the result is usually the same - an inability to stop the behaviour, followed by a sense of helplessness and self-hatred. Addiction can take many forms - not just the well-known drug variety - work, sex, pornography, gambling, internet, shopping and food are among the more widespread.

    At 96 Harley Psychotherapy, our practitioners are experienced in treating all types of addiction and many have worked in residential rehabilitation settings. The twelve-step model, pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous is considered a highly constructive approach by many.

    addiction blog

    Visit the blog of Lisa W a recovering addict

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