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  • Counselling anxiety disorders at 96 Harley Psychotherapy

    Anxiety is one of the many faces of fear and, to some extent, is simply a part of being human. We might feel anxiety in a new social situation or before a public speaking engagement, but if nervousness and the physical sensations associated with fear cause avoidance of ordinary life situations, treatment may be indicated.

    Some of the most common physical symptoms include increased heart rate and muscle tension, tight chest with difficulty breathing, feeling sick or dizzy (symptoms of a panic attack). In broader terms, you may think you are going to lose control, feel "on edge" and hyper-alert all the time, or that people are looking at and judging you. Anxiety is expressed in many different ways.

    At 96 Harley Psychotherapy, our practitioners can help you explore the root of your anxiety and to recognise the sensations that accompany it so that action may be taken to manage and, ultimately, heal the symptoms.

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