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    Nicola, a thirty-four year-old woman, was referred to one of our psychotherapists after her third consecutive early miscarriage. She was anxious about the impact that her sadness and disappointment might be having on herself and her family. This is her account of her consultation experience at 96 Harley Psychotherapy.

    "I had experienced counselling in the past, but with the psychotherapist [at 96 Harley Psychotherapy] I would say I had my most positive experience. She created a completely neutral, yet warm and kind atmosphere.

    Before my first visit, I wasn't sure if I really had much to say, but by the time I left, I was bursting to come back for my next session.

    We explored some often difficult issues in a way that made me feel safe and, importantly, not judged in any way. Things were gently and sensitively held up to the light, and more often than not made to seem much less frightening and problematic.

    My therapist also gave me a couple of pieces of 'homework' which I found enormously helpful.

    As the weeks passed, I felt much more able to cope, and my outlook shifted to one of increasing positivity and optimism, and a true realisation of what was already so good in my life.

    About six months after my first visit, I found that I was expecting again. Delighted though I was, I was filled with anxiety about the possibility of another miscarriage. My therapist helped me deal with those feelings in a way that made the first twelve weeks much more bearable.

    I'm happy to say that I am now into my third trimester."

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