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  • Counselling for work-related issues

    We all know that work issues can impact on our health, sense of wellbeing and our relationships. Problems at work can be a factor in migraines, irritability, sleep difficulties and backache. Work stress can contribute to anxiety and depression and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as sometimes playing a part in marital breakdown.

    According to a study by The Work Foundation, nearly one in three working men say that the demands of their job interfere with their private life, and nearly one in four feels that their work has caused them to neglect their children.

    At 96 Harley Psychotherapy, we have specialists who focus on work-related issues. Their practices reflect a number of different approaches to problems in the workplace - improving a client's individual capabilities and skills and/or focusing on developing strategies to change the actual organisation. Please browse the Corporate Consultancy and Executive Coaching pages if you are interested in moving forward with a work-related issue.

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